I meant to upload this post a looong time ago haha :). Better late then never right? I bought these pieces with my grandmother in China Town and they are absolutely gorgeous! They were each $20 which was a bit hefty but I couldn't resist as an avid jewellery hoarder. There was a peacock ring as well but I didn't bring enough money with me. Maybe next time though, and it was the last one left so hopefully it will still be there if I return. 

I have been so busy with homework and really trying to organize my self and force my self to stop procrastinating, I was so much better last year! I'm trying though :). 

How has life been for you?




Last Friday I finally got a new phone. My old one that I had for years was the Samsung Rumour and I had a pay-by-the-minute plan. I was originally waiting for the new iPhone to come out but after seeing it was essentially the same as the previous models I decided to not be so mainstream and get an Android phone. Loving it already!

What kind of cellphone do you own or have you owned?




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I have really been loving Alexa Chung's nail art. I would do my own nails like that but I still am looking for a white nail polish. I was so close to buying Essie's "Blanc" but decided to keep looking around. Who know, I might end up getting it later on. 

Have you been loving any nail art designs lately? Or are you also lovin' the eye art?




This school year I only had to stock up on a new agenda, pencils and white-out. Grade 11 is probably the most important year for grades if you want to get into a post-secondary school. Summer is slowly coming to an end for me in about 4 days. I've had only 1 week to actually relax this entire summer so you know that was fun... haha. 

Is anyone in high school still or University? 




A few days ago I went shopping and thought why not show you! The Wilfred t-shirt I bought is absolutely amazing! It's a great basic and made of quality material. The Jessica Simpson crochet dress coverup is very boho for these last few days of summer. So happy with all my purchases. 

Have you gotten any good buys lately?




I've decided I want to have a collection of posts for when I find "quotes to live by" that I would love to share. Seeing as I went to the Temple today, here's one from Buddha. 

I'm always such a hoarder, thinking "oh maybe I'll need that shirt that doesn't fit me when I need a rag" when someone else could get better use out of it. Also this quote helps me through times when I don't want to leave something (a part of my life) behind. Let life be! 




So a while after returning back from my summer vacation I made a YouTube video. I had it up for 2 days and then took it down. I think I'll leave the link so anyone on my blog can get to it. I'm a little awkward in it, but here it is!




Sixteen (16). 

Officially as of today (08/24/13), I'm sixteen! I spent the mourning at the zoo and with a close friend who surprised me with Body Shop gifts. My family and I will be going out for dinner later tonight. So thankful to my friends and family for getting me to this point in my life. 




Welcome to Zorra Heart 

My name is Nicole, I'm 15 and I'm from Canada. This is my blog where I will post anything from daily mantra inspirations, style, health and fitness, and recipes. 

With that said, this mourning I saw these beautiful flowers on my jog and snapped a few pictures to share. What a great fresh splash of summer.