Last Friday I finally got a new phone. My old one that I had for years was the Samsung Rumour and I had a pay-by-the-minute plan. I was originally waiting for the new iPhone to come out but after seeing it was essentially the same as the previous models I decided to not be so mainstream and get an Android phone. Loving it already!

What kind of cellphone do you own or have you owned?




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I have really been loving Alexa Chung's nail art. I would do my own nails like that but I still am looking for a white nail polish. I was so close to buying Essie's "Blanc" but decided to keep looking around. Who know, I might end up getting it later on. 

Have you been loving any nail art designs lately? Or are you also lovin' the eye art?




This school year I only had to stock up on a new agenda, pencils and white-out. Grade 11 is probably the most important year for grades if you want to get into a post-secondary school. Summer is slowly coming to an end for me in about 4 days. I've had only 1 week to actually relax this entire summer so you know that was fun... haha. 

Is anyone in high school still or University?